Troubleshooting the CentOS 7 Installation

CentOS 7 Setup Options

The installation program that runs automatically, if it stops running showing some error message, can be invoked by the command setup. This command is only available from the installation image. Once CentOS 7 is installed, this program is no longer available to the user.

The command setup, You have the following options:

  • --source: to specify the source partition (/dev/sdb1 or whatever), which is where the root.img is placed
  • --disk: to specify the device used to the install (/dev/sda or whatever)
  • --force: force to be installed regardless of whether there is a system or not
  • --step: to execute one or more steps (separated by commas if they are multiple steps)

The list of steps is:

  • 1: Detecting things
  • 2: Mounting source
  • 3: Creating partitions
  • 4: Formatting partitions
  • 5: Mounting destination partitions
  • 6: Writing destination files
  • 7: Mounting bind partitions
  • 8: Configuring destination system
  • 9: Unmounting all destination partitions
  • 10: Unmounting source

These options of the setup, allow to solve some errors that can occur in the process of installation.

Motives and solutions to problems in installing CentOS 7

Here are some bugs and how they can be solved:

    • Reason: Can not find a disk where you can install the system
    • Solution: With the argument --disk, It can be indicated on which disk we want to install CentOS 7
    • Reason: The disk where the system is to be installed already has partitions
    • Solution: With the argument --force, You may be instructed to force the installation without doing this check
    • Reason: Can not find disk containing images for installation
    • Solution: With the argument --source, It can be indicated the disk and partition that contains the necessary files to make the installation

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