CentOS install 7 on a computer

Steps before installing CentOS 7

To install CentOS 7 on a computer, simply download the ISO from the download area of ​​the SaltOS project website and:

  • burn the ISO to a DVD to have a bootable DVD able to execute the installation program
  • or burn the ISO on a pendrive (explained in another FAQ).

In either case, you need to configure the computer to boot using the previous used method. Once the above requirements are met, the installation is unattended and does not require any other manual task. The idea of ​​this installation method is that the installer perform all necessary tasks in automatically and unattended mode. When installation is complete, the computer will shutdown and you simply remove the medium used in the installation, either the DVD or pendrive.

Installing CentOS 7

The installation program requires no user interaction to create partitions. At this point, the installation program will stop showing an error message if partitions are detected in the first hard disk.

If everything is correct, after removing the medium used in the installation (DVD or USB pendrive), you can turn on the computer. By default, it will start with the default kernel.

First CentOS 7 boot

If you do not touch any key, the system will boot automatically.

The system load can take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on how fast is the machine where you run CentOS 7.

When finish system boot, a text screen with information about the Linux kernel used, the version of Apache, PHP and MariaDB will appear us. To access the system, the default password is "toor". It is recommended to change it to prevent outsiders to enter to the server. The command to change the password is "passwd".

The above display also indicates the URL that we use from another computer to access the SaltOS wizard.

Download the latest stable or nightly version of SaltOS

By accessing this URL from a browser, the following screen appear:

Where we can choose what kind of package you want to install:

  • Stable version: This is the stable version, published to long period time.
  • Nightly version: this is the nightly version published daily.

After selecting the desired option, the wizard will download the most recent files for the selected option and will invite us to start the installation (documented in another FAQ).

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