Create the CentOS 7 pendrive

Download the UNetbootin program and CentOS 7 ISO

Here we will explain how to prepare a pendrive to install ISO CentOS 7 SaltOS integrated into a dedicated machine and to run our SaltOS smoothly, you only have a USB flash drive 4GB, I recommend that temporarily do them both the program unetbootin as image SaltOS on the desktop to make the process easier, then the you can move to another folder.

The first thing you need is to download both unetbootin as ISO Centos7. Here are the links:

Insert the flash drive into a USB port, if possible, even better what format it is not essential, ISO currently occupies about 1.3GB, go ahead if there is enough space.

Creating the pendrive with CentOS 7 ISO

Now execute UNetbootin with Administrator permissions to allow us to write correctly in the pendrive.

In the next picture we see UNetbootin already loaded.

Now select DiscoImágen and will press the button with the 3 points to the right.

It opens the following window for selecting typical Windows file, it seek and select the ISO SaltOS clicking Open.

If UNetbootin we did not detect the pendrive, we can select where it says Unit:  default option Type:  is the one selected, in our case it is correct.

To start creating the pendrive we press OK.

The program will be extracting and copying files.

The program will continue with installing bootloader.

If we had used this pendrive above with UNetbootin, we could leave a message like the following indicating if we want to overwrite some files, in our case we must press on Yes to All

Now we ask you to restart, but that we would launch the installation in the current machine and we want to install it on a different machine, so press in Exit  and we can now remove the flash drive using Windows safe removal

I hope this information will serve so that you can install on your machine SaltOS dedicated an easier way.

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