This application lets you keep track of all traces of the tasks performed in the company.

List of Reporting

In the list of pursuits you will find the most important columns of each record:

  • Ref.: Numeric code that identifies the project.
  • User: User who created the track.
  • Customer: For customer has been the project.
  • project: Name that has been given to the project.
  • Task: Name of the task that is being tracked.
  • Date: Date monitoring was performed.
  • Hours (*): Hours needed to track the task.

(*) At the end of listing the sum of these columns is included, note that the result only includes the visible columns per page.

Listing Options

On each record. You can perform a series of actions that are represented by the following icons:

  • Check / Edit / Delete Record.
  • This action will lead to the creation of a new record using data from the current.

This list also features the following:

  • Export the list of all tasks tracking data to a file in Excel format.

Filter Options

For more information about the filter options listed in the ayuda general.

Tracking form

This is the tracking application tasks, it may add, modify and view all monitoring data classified in different tabs: main data, data on the registry modifications, ...

Data tracking tab

In this tab you can view and modify the main monitoring data. Here we relate all information fields.

  • Customer (*): To link the client for whom the task is performed.
  • Project (*): To link the project in which is included the task.
  • Name (*): Selector of the task on which the tracked.
  • Date (*): Recorded monitoring.
  • Comments (*): To indicate relevant monitoring data.
  • Hours (*): Hours have been used to track the task.

(*) Required when creating or modifying a monitoring fields.

Registry Data Tab

For more information about the filter options listed in the ayuda general.

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