Josep Sanz

Creator of SaltOS project. Participates in the following tasks within the project:

  • Development of core and applications SaltOS.
  • Integration and development of advanced functionality (reading voice, ocr, document viewer, translator, etc ...).
  • Packaging the Centos 7 plug and setup.
  • Disclosure and project documentation.

Jordi Company

SaltOS project collaborator since 2008. He participates in the following tasks within the project:

  • Application development and user interface.
  • Analysis and conceptual development of new business layers.
  • Disclosure and project documentation.

Andrés Díaz

SaltOS project collaborator since 2010. He participates in the following tasks within the project:

  • System administrator and hardware maintenance.
  • Beta-tester, know how to integrate management tools SaltOS
  • Disclosure and project documentation.

Alex Muller

Traductor del proyecto SaltOS:

  • Deutsch-Deutschland

Hector Ruben Echaniz

Traductor del proyecto SaltOS:

  • Español-América Latina

Francis Dionne

Traductor del proyecto SaltOS:

  • French-France

Benedito Fulvio

Traductor del proyecto SaltOS:

  • Português-Brasil

Nuno Lopes

Traductor del proyecto SaltOS:

  • Português-Portugal

Mohammed Mubarak

Traductor del proyecto SaltOS:

  • Arabic-Saudi Arabia hosting by Dinahosting

Thanks to dinahosting (Spanish company of hosting service), is online without cost to the project.

Download zone by SourceForge

Thanks to SourceForge, you can download SaltOS and RhinOS, and keep alive the download area.

Mirror repository by GitHub

Thanks to GitHub, you can follow the evolution of the SaltOS code and collaborate with the project using the pull requests feature

Social return coworking

Thanks to Sinèrgics, the first municipal Social Return Coworking, I have a space to work and develop SaltOS 4

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