PHP libraries

PHP library: TCPDF This library provides to the SaltOS application the tools to generate online PDF, so that invoices, reports and other PDF documents are provided by this library.
PHP library: PHPThumb This library allows you dynamically generate graphics so that photos uploaded to RhinOS and/or SaltOS, may become, optimized and resized according to the needs of the moment.
PHP library: PHPExcel This library provides mechanisms to export information of RhinOS and SaltOS in spreadsheet format. It supports several formats, but only, use the Excel5.
PHP library: PHPMailer This library offers the service to send emails supporting alternative text and attachments as attachments and inline attachments. Is used as a SMTP library for the email SaltOS client.
PHP library: PHPLOT This library can generate bar charts, line and pie plots used in most business analysis. To graphically view the status of sales, expenses, projects and other related data.
PHP library: JSmin-php Thanks to this library, you can get serialized, minimized and compressed JavaScript code so that it is more efficient for the transfer.
PHP library: CssMin Thanks to this another library, you can get a minimized, serialized and compressed  CSS to optimize the process of transferring and rendering.
PHP library: QR-Code generator This library provides the tools to have QR codes, which are used to export vCards with customer information and contacts.
PHP library: Google Data APIs This library enables you to synchronize SaltOS with the Google Calendar service. Thanks to this feature, for example, can have all the agenda available in an Android device.
PHP library: PHP Mobile Detect This library provides the mechanism to detect if request are being made ​​from a desktop computer / laptop or from a smartphone.
PHP library: MimeParser This library is just fantastic: allows parsing a  RFC822 file and returns an array with all file information. Used in email client of SaltOS.
PHP library: RFC822 Addresses
This library is used by the class mime_parser and serves to parse the fields of a file in RFC822.
PHP library: Pop3Class
This library provides the mechanism to access, list, download and delete emails from a mailbox using the POP3 protocol.
PHP library: TAR/GZIP/BZIP2/ZIP Archives This library allows to create TAR and ZIP files with a set of files inside. Used in all the screens where you can download files in SaltOS.
PHP library: WordPress SaltOS uses the WordPress make_clickable function to convert emails into links. In this way, you can click the urls of the arriving e-mail, for example.
PHP library: Eval Math This library allow to SaltOS to have the widget Calculator, which is very useful for online calculations.
PHP library: Html2Text This library allows to SaltOS to convert text of emails and posts from html to plain text for indexing the data base.
PHP library: Portable PHP password hashing framework This library allows you to manage cryptographic keys using portable functions between different systems.
PHP library: Password Strength Class This library allows indicate to the user the quality of entered key in the system.
PHP library: BMP-PHP This library provides the imagebmp and imagecreatefrombmp function to load and save images in the BMP format without require external libraries.
PHP library: RoundCubeMail Thanks to the RoundCubeMail project, we can convert contents from html format to plain text.

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