How to solve the max_input_vars limitation


Josep Sanz

Since PHP 5.3.9, has been added max_input_vars configuration directive which limits the number of variables that can get for $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE. This has led to applications using forms with many input type checkbox / hidden / text, may have problems in receiving data loss from the server. This directive basically mitigates the possibility of denial of service attacks using hash collisions. Therefore, it may happen that in some hostings this variable exists and is restricted to its default…


Why use MariaDB instead of MySQL?

MySQL, MariaDB

Josep Sanz

After several business transactions that have led to MySQL from one side to another, finally now owned by Oracle (company dedicated to commercialize other proprietary DBMS). From my point of view (I don't know if this expression is correct in english!!!), these facts have led to the MySQL open source project to live an overall deterioration since this database management system (DBMS) currently offers a very low yield, which is latent in SaltOS when the system has a large number of data. The tests…


Desktop notifications support from SaltOS

Desktop, Notification

Josep Sanz

Desktop Notifications is a feature defined and used by Google (with Google Chrome and GMail products) for displaying notifications integrated in the user's own desktop when an event occurs. SaltOS, also adds support to redirect notifications that appear within the application to the user's desktop. For example: when receiving a new mail, a new post or just trigger a calendar alarm, SaltOS shown in the user's desktop a message indicating the event.


Published an article in the journal Todo Linux about SaltOS

Todo Linux

Josep Sanz

SaltOS appears in the publication of March, number 124, of the journal Todo Linux. The article is called "SaltOS: CRM and ERP opensource", written by Arturo Fernandez and leaves us pretty well.

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