Installation Manual for SaltOS


Josep Sanz

SaltOS is distributed in 4 different packages: PHP: This package contains the program SaltOS and includes everything necessary to uncompress and unpack the program online. To use this package, please download the package and leave it in a directory on your hosting visible from the Internet. Access the installation file with a browser and the screen "Welcome to SaltOS setup" appear. Follow these steps to install quickly SaltOS in your server. RPM: This package is aimed at users who…


What is the "error 500: Internal error"?

Error 500

Josep Sanz

The 500 error is an error generated by the server when it encounters an error condition that can not resolve automatically. That is, if a file is not found, the error is 404 (Not found), if you can not lists a directory, the error 403 will be launched (Forbidden). For errors that do not have an explicit definition, will raise the error 500 (Internal error).   This error usually occurs in Apache: when used in the .htaccess file some unsupported directives. in some hostings…


Problems with CSS generated using PHP and Internet Explorer 9

CSS, PHP, Internet Explorer

Josep Sanz

After a few months to be with us the new Microsoft browser, Mr. Internet Explorer 9, some visitors saltos.net informed me that the web did not look properly using this browser. After watching what was happening, detected from the apache logs that requests for style sheets that make Internet Explorer 9, were answered by the apache server itself with an error HTTP 406 Not acceptable (not acceptable). This portal is developed using the RhinOS technology, which generates PHP style sheets from templates.…


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing

Josep Sanz

Introduction:   The Cloud Computing, also called nuve computing is the term used to discuss the concept of having the applications from the Internet.   To understand the difference between Cloud Computing and the traditional model, explain some parts of the brief history of computing: At the beginning of the computer, applications running on servers and users operating terminals (also called dumb terminals) and had no specific functionality. Were connected to the server…

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