How to use the latest version of MariaDB 10.5.8 and Mroonga 10.11 in Debian Buster

MariaDB, Mroonga, Debian

Josep Sanz

The follow lines explain how to install MariaDB 10.5.8 with Mroonga 10.11 in Debian Buster, for this you must install the MariaDB and Groonga repositories, I also put some links with documentation of what will be explained below: https://mariadb.org/download/#mariadb-repositories https://groonga.org/docs/install/debian.html#buster https://mroonga.org/docs/install/debian.html#buster-mariadb https://mroonga.org/docs/install/others.html#build-from-source https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/build.es.html#completebuild The…


Details of the new SaltOS's release (r7680)

MariaDB, Google, Tesseract, New release

Josep Sanz, Jordi Company, Andres Díaz

This new release comes after nearly two years of work and as always, also brings new features such as those described below: Bugs correction: As always, a new release, you must fix the detected errors, both by developers and by users. Updating third-party libraries: Also updated to the latest versions all third-party libraries to have as current as possible and above code, free of security breaches, as far as possible. Processing text using Tesseract OCR engine: This feature allows…


Why use MariaDB instead of MySQL?

MySQL, MariaDB

Josep Sanz

After several business transactions that have led to MySQL from one side to another, finally now owned by Oracle (company dedicated to commercialize other proprietary DBMS). From my point of view (I don't know if this expression is correct in english!!!), these facts have led to the MySQL open source project to live an overall deterioration since this database management system (DBMS) currently offers a very low yield, which is latent in SaltOS when the system has a large number of data. The tests…


What is the difference between MariaDB (MySQL) and SQLite3?

SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB

Josep Sanz

MariaDB (the new MySQL really free) is one of the management systems relational databases known in the world of free software (in fact, is used to indicate LAMP for Linux + Apache + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP). SQLite3 is another management system databases, but oriented embedded applications, used in applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, Android, i and to complete a long list of programs that use it. The differences are basically that MariaDB (MySQL) is a server that services requests to be made…

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