The saltos.org website already has an SSL/TLS certificate

SSL/TLS, Lets Encrypt, HTTPS

Josep Sanz

We have activated the SSL/TLS certificate that allows you to access the saltos.org website using a secure communication protocol.

This certificate is courtesy of Let’s Encrypt, a project that aims to deliver SSL/TLS certificates to all websites in order to create a more secure and privacy-friendly website.

As we are lucky to have a hosting provided by Dinahosting, activating the Let's Encrypt certificate has been extremely easy, from the hosting control panel, we had to activate the SSL/TLS certificate option, and select Let's Encrypt, which it is free, from the list of providers configured in the hosting control panel, in a few seconds, the web has started to work using SSL/TLS without having to do anything else.

As an extra bonus, we will explain that we have also activated the Force HTTPS option of the control panel, which makes all requests made to the web of saltos.org using http://, go directly with a permanent redirection 301 to https://.

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