Details of the new SaltOS's release (r8126)

Screenshots, New release

Josep Sanz

This new release appear after one year of work and as always, also brings new features such as those described below:

Bug fix:

As always, a new release, you must correct the detected faults, both by developers and by users.

In this regard, they fixed some internal errors caused by the new indexing system and new control functions of records that caused sometimes data is not correctly show.

It has also arranged a fairly rare error that occurred only in versions of Google Chrome on mobile devices.

Updating third-party libraries:

Also they updated to the latest versions all third-party libraries to have as current as possible and above code, free of security breaches, as far as possible.

  • CKEditor
  • jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile
  • PHPMailer
  • PDF.js
  • PHPExcel
  • Codemirror
And some more ...

New version of PHP

Added and validated the PHP 7.0 support. SaltOS is already ready for operation in production environments with PHP 7.0. Until now, users that need to use PHP 7.0 should use an equal or higher release than the r7769, published on September 1, 2015 as nightly version.

Cleaning the code:

Libraries have been deleted were not used directly in SaltOS 3.1 and existed for the development of SaltOS 4.0 only.

New features:

It added the new feature of the previews, a feature that lets you view screenshots of the websites that we add in implementing favorites and that is possible thanks to 2 commands: wkhtmltoimage and xvfb-run.

New languages:

It added the Spanish-Latin America, thanks to the contribution of Ruben Hector Echaniz

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