Changes in the download area

We have analyzed how the project evolves and we have realized that we do not publish stable versions because for us the nightly version is already stable, when errors appear in the nightly version, they are fixed from one day to the next with what is the version that we recommend for use in production environments.

As a consequence of what we have explained to you, we have decided to simplify the download area by removing options such as the desktop version or the rpm package and focusing on leaving only the most up-to-date server versions.

In the update, the download area only has the option to download:

  • the TGZ package with the nightly version
  • the ISO image for CentOS 7 servers
  • the manual in PDF format of SaltOS for end users
  • the FAQs in PDF format of SaltOS for developers
  • the logos in PNG and SVG format

More info at https://www.saltos.org/portal/en/download


One year of free hosting for the SaltOS project by dinahosting

Dinahosting has confirmed that continue the sponsorship for another year to the SaltOS project, giving a free professional linux hosting for the website. As always to all those who collaborate with the SaltOS project: Thank you.

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