Published the new website of the SaltOS's project

We have published the new website of the SaltOS's project. There are some things pending to be finished and we expect to do in the next weeks.


Screenshots of all SaltOS releases


Josep Sanz

SaltOS has experienced several transformations since I began the development. Here I show some screenshots where you can see how it all started...


Installation Guide for installing SaltOS in a free Web Hosting Environment


Josep Sanz

The following explains how to install SaltOS quickly with a free web host: Access any of the following vendors (there are a lot of other sites with the same benefits, conditions and are still free) http://www.000webhost.com/ http://www.nixiweb.com/ Create a hosting (the first let you have a custom url, but the second does not, they propose other services that are also free) Access hosting control panel you've created before Download the nightly…


The ThemeRoller in SaltOS


Josep Sanz

Some time ago I use JQuery-UI to do the user interfaces of my applications. From the beginning, SaltOS has incorporated the 24 themes predefined in the ThemeRoller application. These themes are practical and the colors are well combined, but I detect a problem in SaltOS: JQuery-UI defines styles for the Header, Content, Default, Hover, Active, Highlight and Error classes (among others) and when I make a list or a menu as in SaltOS, using multiple classes to mark the odd and even rows, to program…


One year of free hosting for saltos.net by dinahosting

Dinahosting has confirmed that continue the sponsorship for another year to the SaltOS project, giving a free professional linux hosting for the website. As always to all those who collaborate with the SaltOS project: Thank you.

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