How to solve the max_input_vars limitation


Josep Sanz

Since PHP 5.3.9, has been added max_input_vars configuration directive which limits the number of variables that can get for $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE. This has led to applications using forms with many input type checkbox / hidden / text, may have problems in receiving data loss from the server. This directive basically mitigates the possibility of denial of service attacks using hash collisions. Therefore, it may happen that in some hostings this variable exists and is restricted to its default…


Fall of service of the SaltOS demos

This morning DynDNS has removed the domain used by the demo server and it has been Inaccessible for some hours. Now I use NO-IP and everything is ok.


Why use MariaDB instead of MySQL?

MySQL, MariaDB

Josep Sanz

After several business transactions that have led to MySQL from one side to another, finally now owned by Oracle (company dedicated to commercialize other proprietary DBMS). From my point of view (I don't know if this expression is correct in english!!!), these facts have led to the MySQL open source project to live an overall deterioration since this database management system (DBMS) currently offers a very low yield, which is latent in SaltOS when the system has a large number of data. The tests…


Desktop notifications support from SaltOS

Desktop, Notification

Josep Sanz

Desktop Notifications is a feature defined and used by Google (with Google Chrome and GMail products) for displaying notifications integrated in the user's own desktop when an event occurs. SaltOS, also adds support to redirect notifications that appear within the application to the user's desktop. For example: when receiving a new mail, a new post or just trigger a calendar alarm, SaltOS shown in the user's desktop a message indicating the event.


Published new SaltOS release (r6600)

- Updated the libraries:
  - pdf.js (JavaScript library)
  - Cookies (jQuery plugin)
  - PHPlot (PHP plugin)
  - Masonry (jQuery plugin)
  - Archive (PHP plugin)
  - TCPDF (PHP plugin)
  - Form (jQuery plugin)
  - WordPress (PHP plugin)
  - jQuery UI (jQuery library)
  - RFC822 addresses (PHP plugin)
  - Mime Parser (PHP plugin)
  - jQuery (Javascript base)
  - PHPMailer (PHP plugin)
  - PHPExcel (PHP plugin)
- Added the libraries:
  - EvalMath (PHP plugin)
  - jQuery Mobile (Javascript base)
  - html2text (PHP plugin)
  - Silk icones (Servidor plugins)
  - PHPass (PHP plugin)
  - Password Strength (PHP plugin)
- Removed the libraries:
  - PHPThumb (PHP plugin)
    - Jesus Camara found the CVE-2010-1598
    - The vulnerability was corrected in the release r5104
    - In the release r6194 the phpthumb library was eliminated in SaltOS
- Improvements to the database drivers (SQLite and MySQL)
- Improvements to the installer
- Integration of phplots improvements using maps
- Improved calculator widget (now does not require external binaries)
- Fixed several bugs reported by users
- Rewritten support for mobile devices (with jQuery Mobile)
- Tested on www.000webhost.com (now installed without using shell commands)
- Added a new icon theme (Silk is now the default theme)
- Emulation for pushstate, replacestate and onhashchange (useful for mobile devices based on Android)
- Improvements in the JS and CSS minification
- Fixed a bug that affects some applications with the Catalan translation
- Added support for correcting the problem of max_input_vars
- Added support for selectable text in the PDF viewer
- Added support for using priority and sensitivity in the emails
- Replaced the SHA1 by BCrypt in passwords (to avoid dictionary attacks)
- Added password strength indicator
- Added support to PHP 5.4
- Fixed a security bug (PHPExcel vulnerability announded by Stefan Schurtz)
- Added support to MariaDB (replacement for MySQL very much efficient and faster)
- Added file indexing (to allow search in the contents of uploaded files and attachments)
- Added support for RTL to allow new languages as Arabic.
- Added the Arabic language of Saudi Arabia.
- Improvements in the setup wizard.
- Added some example data (thanks to www.generatedata.com)


Published the new site of the SaltOS project

I hope you like this new website. In a short time, the contents will be updated to show the new development branches of the SaltOS project.


MariaDB replaces MySQL in Arch Linux repositories


Longest Running Linux Distribution Slackware Adopts MariaDB


Another interesting read, about the of free software and the gratis concept


Interesting reading about the PHP language


Published an article in the journal Todo Linux about SaltOS

Todo Linux

Josep Sanz

SaltOS appears in the publication of March, number 124, of the journal Todo Linux. The article is called "SaltOS: CRM and ERP opensource", written by Arturo Fernandez and leaves us pretty well.


SaltOS is translated into Arabic and adds support for RTL languages

Thank to Mohammed Mubarak by write the translation of SaltOS to Arabic. This has helped me to add support for RTL languages into SaltOS. You can enjoy this new feature from the nightly versions.


One year of free hosting for saltos.net by dinahosting

Dinahosting has confirmed that continue the sponsorship for another year to the SaltOS project, giving a free linux hosting for the website. As always to all those who collaborate with these projects: Thank you.


Red Hat developers are planning to replace MySQL with MariaDB in Fedora 19

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