Fixed a spurious bug in SaltOS

I has been informed by some SaltOS users that some times the application waits more time that the normal to process requests. I revised some parts of the code and I detected some issues that affects the semaphore_acquire function and the default timeout set to 10 seconds. Now, the semaphore_acquire function is called with the coherent timeouts that prevent to wait long time in some cases. The main responsable of this spurious bug, is the cache_gc routine (the garbage collector) that is executed in all requests and only 1% of the times, acquire the semaphore to execute the real garbage collector and clear all non needed files. In some days, I publish a new release of SaltOS that join all new issues and corrections.


Merry Christmas from the SaltOS and RhinOS projects

To all who give me encouragement to continue developing SaltOS and RhinOS, I wish you a Merry Christmas. You pass the festivity very well!!!


Patch that fixes the bug of MySQL v5.5 of SaltOS v3.1 r4767.

You who are using the new version of SaltOS v3.1 r4767 and wish to use a server MySQL v5.5, apply this patch that fixes a detected bug.
To do this, will download the file patch-4790-4794.diff from https://sourceforge.net/projects/saltos/files/patch/ and from a terminal run: "patch-p0 < patch-4790-4794.diff". With this, your SaltOS will work perfectly with MySQL v5.5.
Note: For users who work from WAMP environments, I have also published a file (patch-4790-4794.tgz) containing the files to update. Just unzip the files into the code directory.


Patch that fixes the bug of MySQL (extension and improved extension) of SaltOS v3.1 r4767.

You who are using the new version of SaltOS v3.1 r4767 and wish to use MySQL extension or MySQL improved extension, apply this patch that fixes a detected bug.
To do this, will download the file patch-4770-4772.diff from https://sourceforge.net/projects/saltos/files/patch/ and from a terminal run: "patch-p0 < patch-4770-4772.diff". With this, your SaltOS will work perfectly with mysql and mysqli drivers.
Note: This bug does not affect the pdo_mysql driver (MySQL PDO).
Note 2: For users who work from WAMP environments, I have also published a file (patch-4770-4772.tgz) containing the files to update. Just unzip the files into the code directory.


Download statistics of Sourceforge

I added to the download section the download statistics of Sourceforge. The data is grouped by project (SaltOS and RhinOS), by country and by operating systems.


Published a new version of SaltOS 3.1 (r4767)

I just uploaded to sourceforge a new version of SaltOS 3.1 which includes a lot of improvements (in a previous post is published). I hope you like it. I remember you that you can send me your success stories for the new section of the web.


SaltOS Success Stories

I am preparing a section on the SaltOS website where I'll put success stories in companies using SaltOS. If you have installed yourself in business or you are using it, I would like you to write a few lines (not many) explaining that you give to use SaltOS and what solved issues.
To do this, I need in an email to josep.sanz@saltos.net with the following:
- Company's name
- Company's logo
- Company's WEB
- Text explaining the use you give it to use SaltOS and what solved issues.
Thanks to whoever dares to send success stories.


What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?


Josep Sanz

Introduction:   POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are two protocols that allow access to mail folders incoming mail server (not allow sending mail). We can refer to POP with POP3 (latest version) and IMAP with IMAP4. These protocols are supported by most existing mail servers.   Advantages and disadvantages of POP3 vs. IMAP4:   The number of transactions is low, which is efficient. No correlation between the mailing list with the identifiers…


I'm preparing the new SaltOS v3.1 release

  • As always, the libraries that SaltOS uses have been updated to the latest release.
    • jQuery 1.6.4
    • jQuery-UI 1.8.16
    • CKEditor 3.6.2
    • And many more ... (see the about section of the application)
  • They have incorporated the following libraries:
    • jQuery Columnizer: used in the help zone
    • TCPDF: This library is a fork of the old FPDF with many improvements including:
      • Integration of all the scripts that SaltOS should use as extras
      • Native support for UTF-8
      • Support for PNG images with transparency
      • Updates and much greater support from the author.
    • pdf.js: used in the PDF viewer, allows viewing of any PDF from the online viewer that integrates SaltOS.
      • This enhancement allows you to enable this option without the use of technologies in the server as pdfinfo and convert.
    • Archive: allows to generate files in ZIP, TAR, TAR+GZIP and TAR+BZIP2 formats
    • jQuery Favicon: for notifications on the icon area (favicon)
    • jQuery Player: to play the audio voice notifications
    • jQuery Autogrow-textarea: to set the height of textareas depending on the content
  • They have remove the following libraries:
    • jQuery Layout: now, the SaltOS layout is generated using traditional techniques (without plugins)
    • jQtouch: support for mobile devices is made directly using jQuery-UI
    • FPDF: has been replaced by his fork called TCPDF
    • PCLZip: has been replaced by the Archive library that allows more options.
    • jQuery Mousewheel: has been removed for not be used in SaltOS now
  • New layout: now the SaltOS interface is designed to only use one scroll.
    • The lists uses all height of the screen
    • Items such as iframes, textareas and ckeditors, adjust the height to the content.
    • Thus, the application will only have one scroll: the page itself
  • New language: added the French language by Francis Dionne.
  • Improved installation process:
    • The installation wizard lets you define additional parameters such as PATH, LANG
    • the GROUP_CONCAT of SQL is validated to a correct work
    • You can further customize the installation and the system.
  • Improved self-installation package PHP format:
    • It includes everything you need to decompress the package without the need for external commands.
    • It is optimized for systems without large memory resources.
  • Efficiency improvements:
    • Queries to the database have been optimized to reduce latency and CPU consumption.
    • Less transfers transactions are made because the images are included directly in the CSS (inline mode image)
    • Repetitive executions are stored in cache to avoid unnecessary use of CPU
    • They have rewritten some transactions to be executed via AJAX to speed up the rendering process
    • Icons are now using the sprite technique, which reduces the number of requests and transfers to the server
  • New features:
    • Managing Folders:
      • Any content can be linked to folders that are managed by each user
      • It has enabled drag-and-drop to drag any record of any list to a folder in the menu area
      • In all details, have a tab that allows you to modify the relationship between content and folders
    • Calculator:
      • Thanks to this mini-application, while working with SaltOS, you can use an online calculator
      • Use the calc command inside the server
    • Translator and spell checker:
      • If the server has installed aspell and apertium, we shall have this mini-application
      • Make corrections and translations from SaltOS
      • No need for third party services (like Google Translate or others)
    • Voice notifications:
      • We need that server has installed festival and the needed voices
      • SaltOS can read the subjects of the emails and the feeds titles
      • Too, can read all the notices that are displayed in the interface of SaltOS
      • Useful if you're in another window and want to be aware of all emails and feeds to be downloaded
    • Integrated desktop notifications:
      • For now only available with Google Chrome browsers
      • Allows to launch SaltOS notifications
      • And even if we have another window in front or minimized the browser
    • Notices on the icon of the application:
      • This feature allows the icon make a move and report new mail and downloaded feeds
      • Useful if you're in another window as quickly, looking at the icon of the TAB, we know what's new in SaltOS
    • Improvements in the downloads from SaltOS:
      • If we are in a record that has associated files, you can download all (or those I select)
      • The formats supported are ZIP, TAR, TAR+GZIP or TAR+BZIP2
  • New drivers for communication with databases:
    • Until now, SaltOS only allowed to work with PDO drivers
    • Now, this has changed for the better and enable drivers to use more
    • Using SQLite as a binary wrapper (bin_sqlite):
      • Thanks to this driver, SaltOS can be used directly to access the sqlite3 binary to use the database and modify it
      • This is especially useful if you want to use SaltOS in hostings where sqlite3 driver (pdo_sqlite) is old
      • It is also useful if you fail the pdo_sqlite check requirements of the wizard - Improved MySQL (mysqli):
      • This is an enhanced version of the MySQL native driver
      • I recommend pdo_mysql because internally implements a cache which greatly improves the efficiency
  • Fix bugs:
    • Fixed many bugs in queries to the database
    • Renamed the file jquery.cookies.js by jquery.kookies.js to avoid problems with some hostings
  • Added support for displaying online help (need someone to finish writing!)


Problems with spam in the forum

From the last week, I have problems of spam on the forum and I have solved the incidence with some improvements of the captcha (using sinusoidal deformations) and adding a spam filter (I will not explain for security reasons) in the logic add comments. Let's see if we avoid the white noise!.


SaltOS 3.1rc2 disponible en el entorno de demos

After several months developing improvements in the application, you can access the 3.1rc2 version to see the changes:
  • Replaced the FPDF library by the TCPDF library
  • Periodical updates of JQuery, JQuery-UI, CKEditor and many other libraries
  • New layout that uses the full height of the screen
  • Plugins such as calculators and spell / translator
  • New French language.
  • Improved performance and compatibility
  • New database interfaces for SQLite and MySQL.
  • Improvements in the installation process.
  • And more...


What is the difference between MariaDB (MySQL) and SQLite3?

SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB

Josep Sanz

MariaDB (the new MySQL really free) is one of the management systems relational databases known in the world of free software (in fact, is used to indicate LAMP for Linux + Apache + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP). SQLite3 is another management system databases, but oriented embedded applications, used in applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, Android, i and to complete a long list of programs that use it. The differences are basically that MariaDB (MySQL) is a server that services requests to be made…


SaltOS can read and translate texts

Now, notifications of new emails, posts and events of the agenda may be heard from the speakers of your computer without installing anything. It also is presented in beta phase the corrector integrated into the email client and a new translator with automatic language detection in the tools area. To achieve these benefits are being used programs as festival, ffmpeg, apertium and aspell. Try the new features using our demos server because it is not yet available for download until finish the tests cases.


Problems with demos's DNS has disallowed the access

A problem with the daemon to update the DNSs of the subdomains that give access to the demos of SaltOS and RhinOS has made ​​are offline for 12 hours approx. Already restored service and give back to work perfectly.


Published a new release of SaltOS (r3842)

This release includes updates of JQuery, JQuery-UI, CKEditor and other plugins. Fixes some bugs reported by users. It also presents the functionality of folders, which allows to use folders to contain any applications content such as emails, documents, projects or other content.


Fixed a minor bug in the mime_parser class (r3775)

The error caused that sometimes (very few) were added some spaces to decode a q-encoded string. Almost always affects the Subjects of the mails. Thanks to Manuel Lemos for their quick intervention.


SaltOS (r3773) adds HTML5 support for speech recognition provided by Google Chrome beta 11

After the appearance of Firefox 4, that is going extremely well, Google Chrome again struck with the beta 11, which adds support for speech recognition. SaltOS could not wait and this benefit was added to the text boxes to make work more enjoyable. You can test this feature in the demos now.


Added the screenshots section to saltos.net website

This section was made earlier in the files of the SaltOS and RhinOS. With this change, we expect people to look directly at the screen shots and try the demos and downloads.


Published functional improvements in the forum

Sections have been reorganized, have added features for usability and RSS tracking. We also have a moderator called Jordi Company that will ensure that the forum is current.


Added the sponsors section to saltos.net website

You can see organizing the thanks section depending if is a project that we use for our purpose or is a partnership / partner.


Published an article in the journal Todo Linux about SaltOS

SaltOS appears in the publication of March, number 124, of the journal Todo Linux. The article is called "SaltOS: CRM and ERP opensource", written by Arturo Fernandez and leaves us pretty well (see the article online).


RhinOS security update (r1120)

Detected a vulnerability that affects only the MSWindows server. This release fix the vulnerability.


Published new SaltOS and RhinOS releases.

This update (SaltOS r3685 y RhinOS r1113) apply the update of some libraries as cssmin, ckeditor, jquery-ui and more.


Published the new website of the SaltOS and RhinOS projects

I'm happy to announce, after more than one month of stops jobs, the continuation of the SaltOS and RhinOS projects. I encourage all people who want to collaborate with these projects and their evolution to contact with  saltos.net.

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