The SaltOS website is using PHP 8.2 in Dinahosting

We just activated the new version of PHP 8.2 in the hosting that Dinahosting sponsors us in their servers, the migration from PHP 8.0 to PHP 8.2 was simple as changing an option in a select of the control panel.

Previously, we had already executed tests with RhinOS and PHP 8.2 in the test environment and we were sure that the RhinOS programming was ok for use with the new version of PHP, with which we have already achieved another objective.

The SaltOS team!!!


One year of free hosting for the SaltOS project by dinahosting

Dinahosting has confirmed that continue the sponsorship for another year to the SaltOS project, giving a free professional linux hosting for the website. As always to all those who collaborate with the SaltOS project: Thank you.

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