Change of DDNS from NO-IP to Duck DNS

Free Software, GNU, DDNS

Josep Sanz

This night, we have updated our DDNS system that we are using in the SaltOS Project, we have migrated the service offered from the NO-IP to the service offered by Duck DNS.

The main difference is that in NO-IP, the configuration application must be accessed every 22~23 days to renew the service. They send automatically an email before de end of the service to reminder the renew action, but on some occasion we have not received this email and the service has been blocked, losing access to the demos system we have.

After several tests, we have been able to verify that the Duck DNS service is also good and that they also allow automation (such as NO-IP) of the system that updates the IP in case of change of IP by the ISP.

The migration of the service was planned to do it in a scaled way and after some days of tests and minor changes, we have made the total migration of the service and have already terminated our NO-IP account.

Thanks to NO-IP for these years of service and thanks to Duck DNS to be our new DDNS provider.

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