How SaltOS Labs works

In this section you can view where new features are working and what stage they are.

Information on the different phases of a package features:

  • Analysis phase: has approved the incorporation of a package of features and is under study. Think that in this part of the process may vary or add new functionality. Check occasionally the status of the package to see the changes that may occur.
  • Development phase: The package is being developed once the analysis is completed. In this part of the process changes made to the package usually minimal.
  • Nightly version: The package is being developed but is already functional, and you can try and test, from this moment you can download package updates every night with the changes.  Note that the package is not complete, we recommend never applied in production facilities, is a developer version, testing and to see new features.
  • Published: The package has been published and is included in the stable version of the project. Package production facilities.
For more information contact us at:

New system to read the internal help.

Has there been a change in the way of showing support, now query from a pop-up with history so you can surf the help, also have added new help pages for different applications incorporating SaltOS

Package in published.

100% Completed

New SaltOS 3.5

We are working on the new version of SaltOS 4 characterized by:

  • Libraries updates
  • Remove redundant code
  • New graphical themes
  • Unification of the desktop and mobile styles.

Package in nightly version.

100% Completed

New SaltOS 4

We are working on the new version of SaltOS 4 characterized by:

  • Client code based 100% on javascript
  • Server code based on PHP
  • Communication between client and server in JSON.
  • Bootstrap as a UI library.
Package in development phase.


XML lines
PHP lines
JS lines
T2T lines
XSLT lines
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