Download server version

The version of SaltOS Server is our recommended option. Allows execution of SaltOS remotely and only requires a server with PHP. For best performance, you should install add all dependencies.

ISO file with a self-installable image CentOS 7 and SaltOS pre-installed. This ISO can install SaltOS in 5 minutes and provides a server with all requirements installed. Important: the root password is toor

TGZ file with all the code SaltOS ready to use from a server. The stable version is updated whenever a new release and nightly version is released is updated daily with the latest developments.


PHP file ready to open a browser. If no fault is the easiest way to install SaltOS.


RPM file ready to install on RPM-based systems like CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, ...

Download desktop version

The desktop version of SaltOS allows running SaltOS like a desktop application is involved. . If you want to try SaltOS and has no where to install a server, try these packages. If you like, we recommend installing SaltOS on a server so you can get 100% of the functionality incorporates SaltOS.


ZIP file for Microsoft Windows. Download this file, unzip the zip and double-click on the icon SaltOS.


ZIP file for Apple MAC OSX. Download this file, unzip the zip and double-click on the icon SaltOS.

TGZ file for GNU / Linux 32 and 64 bits. Download this file, unzip the tgz and double-click on the icon SaltOS.

Download the SaltOS documentation

Here, you can download the available documentation for the SaltOS project:


PDF file containing the user manual, ideal for end users.


PDF file containing all the FAQs, ideal for administrators and developers.

Download notes

  • SaltOS package includes the base code and an installer to configure the administrator access.
  • In the GNU/Linux version, you may need to add --nogpgcheck to use the command yum install.
  • The server version requires a web server with PHP support.
  • The desktop version doesn't require nothing more because is executed in local mode as a traditional desktop application.

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